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pure waste of money if you hire them

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Their website is as suspicious as their activities are, and they have proved this with their lack of commitment, increasingly degrading services and the extremely high prices for the same.
My father, who is a physical therapist by profession, wanted to improve his economic condition a little more, so he thought of going online and creating a website that would let everyone know more about his chamber which is in Carlsbad. Since the office of E Rehab is also in 2734 Loker Ave W Suite, Carlsbad, he decided to take a day off and visit then in their office.
He only wanted a Website with Search Engine Optimization and some digital marketing of the same and he needed it fast also. The staff at first denied to even attend to his requirements. He had to wait for 4 long hours just to have a talk with the staff there. When they gave him an estimate initially, it was well within his estimated budget, so he returned satisfied.
However, on the day he was to make his payment, the presented him with an amount of $4000! This amount was almost thrice the amount that was given to him initially! The work had progressed a lot, they said, so it was essential that he pay up the money before they proceeded further with the work. He was helpless now, it had been over 85 days since the order had been placed, they had not given him any updates on the progress of the work and he was losing out on his patients due to the repeated visits that he had to make to their office.
Finally, after almost 6 months of immense patience and innumerable visits to the office of E Rehab, he received his order, but here too, the website does not work always. What a waste of money!

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