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they failed to take care of belongings and i lost all the glasswares

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Never choose this is company to shift your belongings they will not take care about you and your things but there is nothing special about them. All our furniture hardware was either put in the world’s most illogical place or lost entirely. Furniture was damaged totally.  Random items were packed together, as if someone wondered through the house picking up an item from each room. Then boxes were mislabelled. The majority were just marked miscellaneous, but there were kitchen items in boxes marked “books,” bathroom items are marked “closet,” etc.

Heavy book boxes were stacked on top of boxes marked “fragile,” and fragile items were loosely wrapped in bubble wrap and thrown in with heavy items that could easily break the fragile items. (Spoiler alert- many glass items were broken this way!)

Overall, I feel I would’ve been better off if I had packed my own house and hired someone else. You may save money, but your quality of life will be significantly worse when all your belongings are lost or ruined!

Literally disappointed with this service that don’t have any idea about shifting the Boxes. And they don’t have any advance today techniques to shift the boxes my glass and glass table are totally smash-up would highly don’t recommend this to my family and friends and staff is so unfriendly and no response to my questions it was too annoying when I saw this service. They don’t even care about my furniture. Behaved with me rudely and in unconditional way. And the prices are too high which is not worth for their worst service.

I just felt bad to have had such a negative and unprofessional experience today. And they are not fit for this job. Final sentence better stays away from this place.

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