El Paraiso Ice Cream

1 star because is very cheap but not good.

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This is a place where you can taste the bad experience that you would’ve never experienced before. It was the worst ever experience that I have had, the worst service that I have come across. As I entered the El Paraiso Ice cream, I don’t know what on earth made the man with the register on the counter sound so rude and unpleasant as well as impatient all at the same time. He kept rolling his eyes, muttered under his breath, and was continuously passing sarcastic remarks. I am really annoyed by the kind of service they provided. The taste was not at all worthy of the price that I paid at the El Paraiso Ice Cream. I had expectations that the taste might be good, but was disappointed! I was sitting at the table and they took nearly half an hour just to take my order. That clearly shows how irresponsible they are towards their customers; they totally lack sense of responsibility. One more thing I need to bring about to your notice that the table was so dirty and was smelling so bad from the left-over ice cream which as scattered there. I felt like puking at first but then they got that table cleaned. It got so embarrassing for me to stand there and see my table getting cleaned and then I had to wait for next 30 mins just to place my order. It was such a humiliating experience. There were no tissues and water bottles placed at the table. So, after I was done the waiter came in and gave me the bill and shamelessly demanded a tip. I was shocked when he said that with such audacity. All I can say after experiencing this nightmare is that they are not worth our time and money. I would seriously advice my friends and those reading this review not to plan anything with this ice cream parlour and not to visit this shitty place ever!!

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