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This place is a complete JOKE, full staff who could care less about their customers

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To bad there isn’t a 0-star option! This place is a complete JOKE, full staff who could care less about their customers all they see is $$$ when someone walks through that door. I advise anyone who is looking to come here to just turn around and head over to the dealer down the road. My husband and I spent FOUR hours here on a Friday evening we dealt with 3 different people, we were already pre-approved by our own bank, yet they were trying to persuade us to go with their banks because we’d get a lower rate (which was bogus!)  The salesman we had knew nothing about the make of car we wanted to purchase, pretty sure your sales people should be knowledgeable on what you’re trying to sell. Anyway we bought the car we wished and had come for. Journey so far was not exciting at this place.

It was nothing but a hassle from the moment we walked in on 1/4 until the day I received my registration via mail which was 1/15!!! It took 11 days to get it in my hands when your vehicle is supposed to be registered within 7 days of purchase, why you may ask? They kept faxing the incorrect information over to my insurance company, yet they would call me and say it was done but the insurance hasn’t sent anything back to them. So I had to get on the phone with my insurance and handle it myself. I was told there’s three lovely women who handle registration yet every time I called to speak to someone (which was about 8 times) I NEVER EVER even spoke to a woman!

When you call and ask a question you put on hold for 13 minutes because they can’t seem to grasp what I’m talking about as if the questions I’m asking are unrelated to their job!

I will never return to purchase a vehicle nor will I EVER recommend this place or it’s entities to any of my family or friends, I would never want anyone to go through what I went through.

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