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shame that people can do this to businesses

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Following up on their promise, West Chester based eNet Web Services make the internet easy for your business by sabotaging it for you. They will make it seem like you have the worst company out there, so that new along with the even the old hesitate coming to you. Yes, that is how bad their service is. Instead of putting their focus on the important aspects of the website for your company, the design, and management, they tend to be distracted. It is worse when you make custom requests as they get a little sceptical about the outcome.
Not long ago, my brother set out to get a website for his small-scale business he had started. It was all about earphones, chargers, headphones, Bluetooth, pen drive and gadgets that he was buying on a wholesale price and selling individually. It was all well and good as his business had picked up pace offline.
After he approached eNet Web Services, they were more than happy to accompany and help my brother on his journey. However, what happened afterwards was unexpected. We did get a website and the required hosting, but the quality was so bad that it had to be taken down soon after. There was no proper design, vital information and on top of all, they had advertised their name boldly, but my brother’s name had been thrown off to the side. He had been duped of his own website as they seemed to advertise themselves more than us. My brother found it deeply disturbing and was shocked to the core. It was painful for him to think that his next big step had been such a waste of time and money. He is slowly trying to stabilize himself again, always keeping in mind the wrong done to him. It is really a shame that people can do this to businesses that are not even on that big a scale.

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