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cross check the payments done else they will charge you twice !!

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I called them on a Friday night a while back because the AC at my house wasn’t working. Long-story-short: they didn’t fix it until Tuesday with a variety of excuses (one was understandable; the rest were not). This isn’t my main complaint.

Once it was fixed, they double charged me. They didn’t notice the error; we noticed it on our bank statement a little over a week later. I called them back and explained that they double charged us. They took down our information and said the bookkeeper would be able to check for the mistake on Monday.

That Monday comes and goes without a call or an email. I call back, and they gave some excuse why the bookkeeper didn’t get to it. They took down my information again so the bookkeeper could get to it the next Monday (because the bookkeeper only works for a couple of hours on Mondays).

That following Monday I call and the bookkeeper is out again. So, I’m told that the owner is willing to write me a check for the amount of the double charge if I provide a screenshot of my bank statement. I email them a screenshot (edited because I don’t want to give out my account info). No response (phone call, text, or email).

Then following Monday, I called them again. They said that the bookkeeper was still there, and she’ll look at it right away. At this point I had finally had enough…

— Did you get my email?

— Yes, but it didn’t show enough information?

— You didn’t reply and tell me what other info you needed? Do you need my entire back statement?

— Well the bookkeeper is here now, and she’s looking into it.

— You’ve known about this problem for weeks now. You’ve taken down my information multiple times. Why is the bookkeeper only looking now that I’ve called? Shouldn’t this be one of the main things the bookkeeper is supposed to look at?

— I’ll give you a call back when the bookkeeper is done.

A short time later they call back and tell me the bookkeeper found the double charge, and they would mail me a check. I’m hopeful the check is actually coming…

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