Farbod Esmailian, MD

Useless !! My ‘before and after’ are not even slightly different.

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First off all, I was referred by a friend. Breast augmentation isn’t cheap generally the price is above $5k and below $7k and you would think paying seven thousand dollars would get you satisfied results or even a decent treatment from the facility, but everything went completely wrong. The main assistant and doctor completely lack human decency and patient communication. They gave me two options: A or B. Option A was their ”recommendation” and what they felt ”would look good on me”. This was my body and I had the final say, so I informed his assistant I want option B.

I Clearly Stated (In English) That I Did Not Want Option A Whatsoever. You would think as the paying customer, they would honor and respect your choice, but no, it was not so. Even if they didn’t agree with option B, why did they even in the first place bring it up in their discussion with me? Obviously the patient and doctor are not on the same page, but money hungry as they are, they continued with my surgery disregarding anything and everything I said.

My first check-up, I informed them about my horror and traumatizing experience. I was bawling my eyes out about how those 15 minute consultation and pre-op, they did not respect me as a patient. Both assistant and doctor was on a damn high horse talking about I don’t know my material and they have 10 years of experience….. Then the doctor proceeds to walk out the room when I wasn’t done meeting him. The level of unprofessional and disrespect sky rocketed. With the 10 years of experience, you sure don’t know how to treat a patient who had a traumatizing first week of recovery. They repeated over and over ”We told you so, just wait 4 months for your results” putting the blame on me squarely.

Here I am, four months later. The results are not worth 7k, trust me . . . My ‘before and after’ are not even slightly different. Now I am receiving my checkups from a well respected doctor and staff. Also proceeding with a future breast augmentation surgery after my body has healed.

Save your time, efforts, and seven thousand dollar because Farbod is not worth a single penny.

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