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management discourages others from being innovative

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I recently called up the farsight management team to check my basement having some water issues. The company’s management team is very poor. The team lacks in expert knowledge. It was not friendly and coordinating with me at all. The team did not even check the issue thoroughly. All my questions were left unanswered. Sometimes vague answers were given which showed their lack of knowledge in this field. The team couldn’t even provide me a proper reason which lead to this issue. When i asked about ways to bring the issue under control, the team was clueless. It seemed that they were not at all concerned about the issue and were in a hurry. They said that the problem was a minor one and that i need not worry. It spoke volumes about the lack of dedication on their part. The construction staffs were incompetent and inefficient and unskilled.
One of my friend was a full time employee at farsight management for about a year. As I was sharing this horrible experience of mine with her, she came up with her experience at farsight. The company is too challenging and is filled with competitive employees. If one is not resilient and self-motivated, this company is not for that person. One needs to be highly ambitious to survive here. The working environment is not satisfactory. The office gets too noisy sometimes which distracts others. No benefit packages or bonuses are given to the employees. Staffs are not dedicated enough to meet business goals. The goals set are unrealistic and out of sight. The targets keep changing due to high turnover of employees. They are not paid adequately which makes them leave the company abruptly. The management discourages others from being innovative.
I would really love to advice the management to look into the issues and enroll skillful, professional staffs in the management. The management should treat the employees with respect and pay due importance to their opinions. They can be a little better, open and honest while dealing with the employees. If done so, employees will not look for alternative job offers which will lower the company’s high turnover of staffs.

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