people who came to ship the products were unruly and rude and misbehaved with my employees

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I operate a small business in Greensburg in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Because of the immense competition in the business world, innovative new ideas for advertising and marketing of the goods and services offered by any company have become essential. Fast sign Services is a company which offers advertising and marketing solutions to business owners in order to promote their sales. Apart from operating in the advertisement sector, Fast Signs has also ventured in the storage and shipping, installation, permits and service, content development, graphic design and project management aspects of a business.
The official website of the company lists these products and services and claims to be the best in the market. Being relatively new in the business world, I did little research and hired Fast Sign services for a new store I was opening in my locality.
Initially, the executives of the company sugar coated all their words and were extremely polite. However, after I made the initial few payments and finalized the deal, the behaviour changed. The people who came to ship the products were unruly and rude and misbehaved with my employees. I felt it was very unprofessional of such a reputed company to employ such workers. Also, the entire process was disorganized and was an utter waste of time. The advertising Services was also poor as this mainly focused on the distribution of pamphlets which were poorly designed with amateurish quotes.
After the completion of the entire project, I was unsatisfied and decided to not hire Fast Sign services ever. At the same time, I urge everyone reading this to make sure that the company you are hiring for your business operates in a scheduled manner and does not end up wasting all your time and the huge amount of money you spent on your project.

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