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they promise a service and then don’t do it.

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A sweet home is what a couple tries to have all of their life. But a sweet home completes when the home has a gorgeous and beautiful garden. But it is not so easy to have a best garden of our own. And to solve that problem we search people who just decorate and make our garden a heaven.

After a long search I found the above caretaker best(temporarily). As mentioned, I found this as the self-operating service provider. Called them on same day. And asked for a service. But a salesman comes after the given deadline and told me that he will take care of the garden. And when I called Zach he told me that he is busy and the boy will take care of your garden. The boy was not matured enough and seemed that he was almost 21 years old. He even can’t express himself properly. But I gave him a chance. Only to ensure that he must be in need.

He worked here for three weeks and only did some few things. Like he cut the long grass, trim small trees, polished the edges and that’s it. Though he did all work perfectly he could have done much more in 3 weeks. Next day Zach came and asked me for payment. I was confused. Only in three weeks you are asking me money. I told him that you could do some more things. He told me that the assigned work is completed. And in the given budget he could not do any more.

I got angry. Ordered him to do more. He did some inspection touched some plants and told me that he had inspected and do some work and it’s fine now. I was supposed to pay him now. And I paid also. But according to the price he had done very less work. It could be better.

There are many more gardener out there. You can hire any of them but keep in mind that go only with those persons who seems to be innocent and calm never go with those who shows their smartness from the very beginning. In the first meeting with Zach I got to know that he will do cheap things in future and he did it also. So be aware of these people.

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