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they do not maintain proper levels of hygiene and cleanliness

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I am a 46 year old mother of a 20 year old girl and it pains me to share with you the horrible experience that she had on her last visit to First Impressions, 1315 S Holly Ave, Yukon. I had called up their number (405) 577-8440 for booking an appointment on a certain date. They had assured me that my child, who was suffering from the pain from her wisdom tooth. The tooth had to be extracted, and as we all know, it requires an expert to complete a task with care and expertise. The dentists there assured us that there would not arise any complexity during the procedure. There was a certain kind of comforting sense in their words and I mistakenly trusted them, thinking that they would be perfect for my daughter’s treatment. They instructed me to deposit a hefty amount before the surgery began and I also did so, only to give relief to my child. However, on the day of the surgery, I was disturbed to find the doctors there extremely rude and ignorant towards her. There were four patients in the same room and the same doctor was treating all of them, without maintaining proper levels of hygiene and cleanliness! He was using tools which seemed as if they had not been sterilized for a very long time. Yet I had to keep faith in him because he was already operating on my child.
A few days later, my daughter suddenly developed an immense pain and irritation in her gums. Within hours of that pain, the area started swelling and she had to be rushed back to them for a checkup and immediate cure! A different doctor there said that the portion of her mouth was infected and that was due to the usage of unsterilized tools!

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