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videos were very amateurish

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Focused Bliss Productions is a professional photography and video production company which specializes in wedding events. The company claims to add a creative touch to their work in order to create a beautiful memory of the most important days of our life. The company website mentions that it has been featured in leading magazines and blogs for their wedding photoshoots and videography. All these claims, however, proved to be false to me once I hired them for a friend’s wedding.
Towards the end of the previous year, my friend was getting married and left no stone unturned in order to make the ceremony a successful event. Even though not many guests were invited, a lot of attention was paid to each and every aspect and detail so that the wedding day could be a memorable one. Being his best friend, I was in charge of a lot of things and had to take care of them very attentively. The photography and video shooting process were left to me. I looked up on the Internet and found out about Focused Bliss Production.
I believed everything that was written on their website about the quality and personal touch of their work. It was specifically mentioned that the photographers working with Focused Bliss Productions put special emphasis on details to make emotionally powerful and pretty narratives out of a wedding event. The website was so appealing, I fell for it and finalized the deal with the company and hired their photo and videography services.
After the event was over and I received the pictures and videos from the company I was not satisfied at all and felt I was cheated since the company charged a hefty sum for the event. The pictures where often out of focus and the editing of the videos were very amateurish. A lack of effort was evident from the results and I urge anyone looking for this kind of service to stay away from Focused Bliss Productions.

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