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i lost frontal teeth because of them

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I went through one of the worst experience of my life in Fontenot Family Dentistry. One day suddenly I felt spam of pain in one of my frontal teeth but it vanished within a few hours so I didn’t make much of it. But soon it became a regular thing and I started to feel the pain almost every day. That is when I booked an appointment at Fontenot Family Dentistry, but I had no idea that my experience there is gonna be that horrendous.
I went in on the day of my appointment and the pain started becoming unbearable at one point. Although I complained about my pain and it was well past an hour of the specified appointment time, but they made me sit through my pain repeatedly telling us to be patient that our doctor will be with me in a few minutes. It was well past 2 hours, frustrated and weak with pain as I was about to leave the nurse called my number. I went inside and there also I was made to sit for half an hour as it was my doctor’s lunchtime. The pain became so unbearable that I almost fainted. The doctor then came up to me and examined my problem, it was found out that I had serious gum infection due to a denture I had implanted a few months ago. This procedure was also done at this dentistry and though I was satisfied at the time it later became a curse to me.
After becoming aware of the problem and it’s cause I didn’t want another surgery to be done there. The other dentist I booked told me that if this pain would have come later then I might have lost almost all of my frontal teeth. Only due to the carelessness of the staff and Dentists of Fontenot Family Dentistry I had to go through so much unnecessary pain and suffering for such a long time.

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