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fraudulent means adopted by this health facility

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In this busy world, we often end up neglecting our health. Even if some of us manage to pay some attention to our health, our teeth are always ignored. However, dental health is an important aspect of the human body and the teeth need to be paid a lot of attention to in order to have a healthy and long life.
Fort Smith Dentistry is a dental clinic in Fort Smith, Arizona in the United States. The clinic provides a variety of services including dental implants, tooth fillings, curing sleep apnea, teeth whitening, root canal, quick denture repair, metal free crowns, cosmetic dentistry and smile enhancement. Even though the website of the dental clinic of Fort Smith Dentistry claims to be a top-notch service provider with state of the art technology and sophisticated machinery, I was not at all pleased after I took one of their sessions of teeth whitening.
The primary reason for my dislike of the clinic is its high price. Each and every service offered by this dental facility is priced at a higher price than the ongoing market rate. Services offered by this dental clinic can be easily availed elsewhere at a cheaper cost. Also, the appointment booking procedure are extremely time-consuming and disorganised where people often have to stand in long queues in order to see the dentist? The behavior of the staffs employed by the clinic is also not at all good. The receptionist hardly answers to any questions asked by the patients.
I hated my experience of visiting Fort Smith Dentistry and will never go back there for sure. I am writing this in order to make everybody understand the fraudulent means adopted by this health facility to garner huge profits from less informed patients coming to cure themselves.

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