Fox Ann Arbor Hyundai

Sales n service staff were rude and dismissive

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When you visit there, you will find that the sales representatives are very rude and dismissive. They will not let you have a test drive. They are arrogant and are not interested to have business with you and you will notice that they are being annoyed by you as you enter the store.

Their Service department is also sketchy, if you took your car for the repair of some part then they will say that few other things are also needed to get repaired even if there is nothing to be done, for simple repair they charge you so high that you did not expect from them but they will do. After repaired been done and while returning you will find that some part of the car is not working, they make some part disable to work and you have to go for them again, for that, if you call them then they will deny diagnosing your car. They also promise you to reduce the diagnose fee if they do not find any problem, but they do not diagnose properly and instead of that, they create some issue in your car while diagnosing so they may charge you for their problem.

The prices they show on the websites are not the same you enquire face to face. if you call them to know about the availability of the car that you needed then first they will say that they have that car and may come to take a look or finalize the deal and when you reached there you will that they have sold that car which you needed and will not tell you any explanation. So, if you do not want to make yourself a fool and do not wanted to waste your money and time then avoid such a firm.

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