Fox Hyundai

Sales dept is horrible. makes you feel neglected and insulted

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When you enter this place then they will take a few minutes to get to you to ask to help you. If you have an appointment and you get there on time then the staff will take about ten to fifteen minutes to notice you. When you visit there they will not notice you even the sales representative will walked by you several time you will think that the sales representative is kind of busy but when if notice you will find that the representative is only roaming here and there instead of helping you and when you decide to leave out then one of the sale representatives will come to you and ask you that if you had been helped. If you are interested in the test drive, they will provide you the car which is not even clean from inside and will smell like hell. During this, they will not tell you about the details about the car even they will not talk during the test drive if you talk then they will ignore you like they are not able to hear. If you wanted to use a car from them then they will provide you but inside the car, everything thing is untidy when you complain that they will promise to get the car washed. After buying the used car will notice that the car begins to make loud squealing noise within two weeks followed by the check engine light coming on. So, for repair, they will charge you so high and after that, you will that the car is undrivable and within one month you may get to visit them for repair and maintenance of the car. So, they will just waste your time and would not give respect and they are dishonest, so search for the best in the town.

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