Franklin Azar

take advantages of clients and charge heavy later. Scam Alert

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The Franklin Azar& Associates is the company you should never consider if you want any legal help in the United States. Taking advantage of its customers is what they do. They have got lawyers who don’t care about you, all they want is their fees. They don’t care whether you win or loose or whether you get the sum for your damage, making money is something these people are good at. A week ago I truck hit my car from the back and had face several damages for which I asked the driver to pay as it was his fault but as he denied I decided to ask for help so that I can get the recovery amount as had not even paid the full instalments of my car. The lawyer from there company assured me that I will get the recovery amount but he failed me. He was not at all sincere when I was explaining to him what actually happened that day. He was busy over his phone chatting with someone. I was very clear to him but he had no idea about the case and so I explained this all over again to him. Such unprofessional behaviour is not expected from lawyers. Though I got back the recovery amount but eventually has to pay more to the lawyer as he increased his fees after I got back my money, as I denied him he yelled at me and abused. I had no clue that I will come across such a person from this company. The company is full of such people who only care about themselves. Never go to them for any of your problems unless you want to become a fool like I was made by them. I can never think of recommending this company to any of my friend or family

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