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permanent damage and who would be responsible for it?

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I hope people read this before committing to the doctor there. I have had a lesson and would surely like to share my experience so that this isn’t repeated with someone else. Bottom line is my son was wrongly diagnosed as a stage one case when he was really a stage three with an under bite.
What does this mean? As a 10 year old, his jaw will continue to grow until he is 20 and braces won’t help his situation. The doctor here however recommended braces/brackets (and which we did relying on her opinion) for over a year.
Then we were going to roll into ”stage two” for more time with a retainer and such contraption. Well, all this they were going to do, was pull the front teeth out to meet the bottom teeth basically adding more space between the top teeth. There isn’t a fix to my son’s Ortho issue unless he chooses to have jaw surgery to permanently fix the issue.
I feel taken for a ride by paying for unnecessary braces and feel bad for my son for having to wear them for no reason and all this because of the wrong diagnosis. Thank goodness we transferred to another place and received a good second opinion or who knows where this care would have ended up. May be a permanent damage and who would be responsible for it?

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