Free hold Hyundai

Came in to try and purchase a hyundai. Never felt so disrespected and humiliated in my life

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purchased a 2017 Sonata Sport on August 19th. But after purchasing car and going through my finance options I was virtually left alone for 4 hours. We had to leave the dealership at 2 PM for an appointment. We left at 3:30 without seeing the finance person. We just couldn’t wait to see him. So, I had to set up a meeting with him for the following Monday, the 21st. Again, we got there at 10AM and after purchase at 11:30AM I saw NO ONE! No one walked me around the car for a check. I found a ding on trunk when I got home. I was told by Justin when I came back for my second chance at seeing the finance mgr that the car needed to be sent out for the ding to be repaired. I am expecting a loaner car, please. No one showed me the complicated dashboard and its technology. No one explained Blue Link, or the radio, or the paring of my phone, or the navigation system. The seats are very light beige. I asked if they were Scotch-Guarded. No one knew. How could your sales people not know that? I turned in a 2011 “No-Frills” Sonata. The only thing it had was XM radio. I needed help with the technology that this car features, but got none. My wife and I had to review the Quick Guide and we figured out most of it. I still need some home with some of the features. No one explained my service schedule with me… do I come in after 3000 miles? Is my first service free of charge? After the purchase/finance option process I was told the car was in for clean-up and that I’d see the finance person soon. No one told me the car was clean and sitting in the lot. If so, I could have inspected it there (on my own as no one offered to do so with me) and I never saw the finance manager after being told I’d see him SOON! So, I sat and sat, employees continued to ask if I needed anything to drink or if I had been into finance. But nothing ever happened. We had to leave…got to our 2 PM appointment very late. I came back to see finance on Monday the 21st. my appointment was set for 7. That Monday I got to the dealership a little earlier than 7. I got there at 6:30 (I did so with the slim chance that he’d see me early based on what happened Saturday the 19th) and I didn’t see the finance mgr. till 7:30…again late. Not really appreciated after a long day’s work. Your finance manager is very nice…but seems very over-worked. Take the profits from 3 or 4 cars that you sell and hire another finance person. This will keep customers happy, customer flow moving and then you won’t receive crappy reviews like this. It really wasn’t a pleasant experience. I should have been afforded the attention I was entitled to after spending $20,000 on a car. I’m really not a complainer. I usually go with the flow…but this was nuts. Sorry, it just was.  I understand you’re a busy place, but customers should matter.

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