Freeman Pediatric dentistry

All the dentists here are skilled to upsell

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If you have money to spend, Freeman Pediatric dentistry is where you should not walk into. All the dentists here are skilled to upsell. My best friend daughter had a tooth ache and she landed up in this dental care unit. This was just next to her house and she thought of trying this place. It looked very proper from outside and had wonderful reviews in all social media platforms. Lisa maintains her teeth very well and never misses flossing a single day. After lunch she had a slight pain and bleeding gums as a piece of bone got in. She is very conscious about her teeth so she visited the dentistry with her mom. After examining the child’s mouth and taking X – rays, the dentist turned very serious. Now which mother will not worry about her child if the doctor puts on such a serious face? The doctor said she had a deep cavity which was getting bad day by day .A deep cleaning was done as the plaque had to be removed from all the teeth to prevent further damage. Apparently, the plaque had damaged the tooth to a large extent and made a deep cavity. The doctor suggested at least three sittings to bring back the teeth and the gums to a healthy state. My friend did not want to take chances with the kid’s teeth so she used to take her to the dentist every weekend. In the second session, my friend was dead sure that all that the dentist was doing was cleaning her teeth. In the first week he did the upper jaw, in the second week it was the lower jaw and the last week it was the canines. My friend was talking about this when she went to drop her child to a birthday party and another mom had the same experience with this dentistry. Now this is gross cheating!

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