Fremont Motor Powell

not worthy to spend a single dollar here

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It is situated in ALT Powell, Wyoming, A United States of America. It is a car dealer and auto part store company. It provides its sale services from 7.30 am close on Sundays.  It also deals in other parts of the country too which help the business to expand. The company always look forward to buy variety of new vehicles. It offers financial services and leasing facilities and its financial centre work hard to get the best cost-efficient financial options for the customers. It also offers extended vehicle protection services.

They pay high dollar which in return they charge from or recover the paid amount from the customers along with this the company also pay to get the old vehicles. The company make Chrysler Jeep Dodge or RAM with unique accessories which mostly are not only of bad quality but are worse.  All these services are not worthy. The area in which the company operate is limited which are car, truck, SUV. While its special offers are also limited to Chrysler, dodge, jeep and ram it rarely provide sale and purchase of other models. It also does not work upon customers grievances as well as of customers preferences or what a customer want. The staff is also not responsible, efficient and helpful as they do not work upon customers preferences. The showroom of the company is well maintained but no customer is appreciated and welcomed even they do not answer or response to the customers call or email.

The company  is just like a showpiece which have nothing to do in real.  The services of the company are worse or even its services are limited to particular brands like Chrysler, dodge, jeep and ram and do not provide various number of choices to the customers and also its services are limited to certain areas. Apart from this, the appointment is also not easy to fix and even their work is not hassle free. Therefore, it is not worthy to spend even a dollar if the services of the company are not good and satisfying.

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