Front light insurance

heavily into ceding business. Avoid them to be safe

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Strategic insurance providers are what they call themselves to be. Well for sure they are strategic and they do work in such a manner. They know how to convince a person and ask them to be a part of their company. Holding insurance in customers name is not what they do, they just pass on. Yes, they are also on ceding business which is not declared while giving of policy. Now most of us don’t know what ceding of insurance means, well that means transferring of the risk which they take for you to someone else so that their risk burden can be reduced and they can enjoy the benefits of our premiums properly.
I bought the insurance and got myself to pay such big paychecks for their premium. But insurance can be needed anytime anywhere and so was when I faced some Loss of property. I went ahead to then declaring my problems and issues and what I heard was that Sir we might have taken your policy but the same is also bearable by some x company.. they will get in touch with you soon. Don’t worry give us some time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Well, what do you think makes me write here guys.? The cheats made me do so. They made me feel that my time and money was a waste and I had no other work other than going round and round their tail to get the insured money.
Well, I understood that this won’t work and so from that day on I stopped paying the premium and also filed a customer complaint against them. I hope suitable action will be taken as regards the same very soon and customers like us will get to receive what we deserve. The benefit of every hard earned money spent.

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