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dentist here is very rude

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I have not much experience about going to a dentist but when I had to go to Fruita Canyon Dental I was sceptical. I have a fear of needles and other medical instruments. I get panic attack at the thought of being pricked with a needle or having an operation. So when I had problem with a tooth I had to go to a dentist without much delay. I chose this place because it had top reviews but sorry to say the dentist here is very rude and does not know how to deal with patients who have panic attacks. I was not calmed down and when I started panicking I was snapped back saying that I should visit somewhere else if I have a problem. Also so they do not consider informing the patient what was wrong with the tooth. I was asked to come on a later date and get it uprooted. I did not know what the problem was and why I was being asked to get my tooth uprooted. The dentist told me that there was the need of getting it out so I need to get the surgery done as soon as possible.
The next day the same thing happened. I was very scared and kept on panicking. I received the same kind of behaviour from the dentist who told me to call him when I finish being scared. I felt it was a little rude because it was my genuine problem and I was not doing any kind of drama. I only expected some comforting words and assurance from the dentist but no I was treated this way. I felt bad and I came back without getting my tooth uprooted. Later I went to another dentist who was on the contrary, very sweet and caring and I had no problems with him whatsoever. Please do not go to this place if you have a phobia for needles other medical equipment. They will not consider your problem to be genuine but think you are doing drama.

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