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worst organization service

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Gahanna Videos Pros might be the worst organization service I have come across till now. I have worked here for a few months and they run a very badly organized profit enterprise. Each day when I come to work here, I am expected to go above and beyond, but there is no compensation provided to you in lieu of that and that is a red flag then and there. The upper management is poor to say the least and filled with a lot of lies. This is a no breather working environment with absolutely no rewards, unrealistic and endless promotions are offered to the customers and as an employee you have to face the brunt of these unrealistic expectations. And you are constantly pressurized to stay in the top of your game in spite of all of these. These leads to two extreme behavioral patterns in the staff—either they are too fanatical or they are too detached, no between. There are also no regular workers, and their whole upper management hierarchy treat you as if you are a waste of space though the organizations will absolutely fall to the ground without the employees then again the management is so impotent. On top of these they make you work extra hours but don’t even pay you extra for that. Their working hours is unrealistic and they do not even pay their salary in time. Moreover, because of pushed promotions, the turnover rate is extremely high, but the team is not staffed according to that, infact it is severely understaffed. Even after working for a considerable amount of time for the company they refuse to give you even a minimum of 10 to 15 percent of raise, whereas they continue eating off your back. BEWARE, STAY AWAY!

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