Gamez Law firm

They will handle your case poorly

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This firm may represent you for defense case but this firm runs more as cash and go business instead of Law firm. They are so unethical that they will increase the cost of defence a few days before the court. You are going to have terrible experience with this law firm and promise to settle thing but as the opposition told them that they wanted to go to the court, what they do is they will drop you because they think that for this situation they will not have chance and never even try for that but they will charge up to that also.

They will handle your case poorly, they are not trust worthy and have no integrity and will give you the worst customer service. Someone from them will take money but the lawyer will not be available as you try to meet and discuss the case, they will take so much time to get you an appointment with the lawyer. they will not answer your replies instead they will shut up and ask you to leave from their office and say that they will handle it with zero confidence you will going to feel in their expressions. They do not eve motivates, so that one can get relax instead they will demotivate you while discussing the negative results of the case and using your feared emotions they will charge you. they conclude without hearing all the situations. They will charge you a lot more than they explained to you if you ask them for copies of the initial conference, they will say that they will provide you every time you call them. They do not take the case seriously. they do not communicate politely and will not get an easy appointment. They will use your emotions to charge you and they will waste your time, so have all the knowledge before making an appointment with them

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