Beware, they do not complete in time and rip you off too

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If you want to avoid bad tempered workers and have your work done on time without any hassles, do not choose this place. This was our first and last time choosing employing their service. My family had a very bad experience with this company. We had called the consultors to take the estimate, and floor our garage and driveway with granite. The consultors constantly complained about how we could have chosen a better material and how small our garage was. This felt very insulting. And they had promised to get the work done in 2-3 days. They hogged the entire side room beside the garage but also our store room to keep the materials. We were not previously informed. So, when they came in, it was a huge rush and chaos followed. They scolded us for not keeping the space ready. The workers had a very bad temper and spoke in loud rash voices. The service was delayed. It took them a whole week to finish the process. When we complained to the manager he blamed it on us. He spoke in a very threatening manner that they knew their services and it has to be our fault somewhere that the process was delayed. They even demanded more money for the delay. Somehow we were able to come to a negotiation. They still ripped off a good amount of money from us.
My friend had done their whole house flooring from this company. It was done in a very hasty manner and the marble had cracks. It was obviously due to the rush and their incompetence. Though my friend’s family had supplied the raw material, the extra left over marble was taken by the company. They claimed that it was theirs. No amount of arguing could get them back. Their work was also delayed. This company has really bad workers and always make a delay despite their promise of finishing the work in the stipulated period of time.