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faced worse experience with Hyundai Grave service department

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The garve Hyundai is a company where they only provide the customers fake details. The company is always looking like helping for the customers to get the services. In some situation I can say that the customers are always having problem with the service.

The customers are saying that they are giving the guarantee coupons. They say that they are providing guarantee for all the products and they only give their best outputs to get the customers satisfied with the product. The company is having a schedule of getting the things of happening the services with the best service.

There is a situation where the customer is having guarantee and using their services according to the given dealership. The customers are using services and finally they are questioned by the staff that they need to be given money for the services. The staff says that the coupons or the guarantee is not the perfect one to do and so that it is not the one to invest our money. If the customers ask for the refund then they are always refusing by saying some unusable reasons.

The customers are using the services for along ago according to the given guarantee and finally the staff is raising hands that they are not responsible for the guarantee and services of the product and finally the customers are loading the money which they have invested in the services from a long ago and they are not even responding for the cancellation of services and they are very much getting investments by this method.

The company is looking very good and that looks like very well managed but the things are happening internally and they give a great loss to the customers.

A customer purchased the car and they made the dealership and they are not even refunding the amount and the customer is waiting for the refund check or he is thinking that they even get any information about the customer. The customer is saying that he will never ever again visit the company. He didn’t even get the confirmation letter from the company and he is not even trusting the company again.

The services from the company are always making the worst part and they don’t even give time to repair the products to the customer. They don’t even contact with the customers with respect and the customer is always getting trouble in making the services and they don’t even get time to talk about the problem which is always not recovered. The customer should visit to the company twice and thrice to recover the problem when it is mentioned that it is urgent.

They don’t even contact nicely with the customers. DON’T GO AND FALL FOR THE LOSS

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