Genie Bath System

Never on time ! Do not bother this company until you want to waste your money and time.

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Genie Bath System remodels bathrooms and replace old bathtubs, showers, and installing new parts in the bathroom. During installation, they going to make you feel that circus is going on. They do not even think before they do work and may screw on the wall at any place may be at an electrical outlet which may burn your house and if you state this situation to the manager who was not even their will say that this problem was existing before they start working. They won’t come to you with proper tools and parts, they always ran short of screws. They will also damage your tiles during their job which they replace and charge you for that also and for fixing and installing thing things they took a lot of time maybe two to three weeks.

If you have appointment confirmed with them and you wish them to show up at the right as they promise but you will be disappointed as they will not show up and after waiting for them when you call them then they will say that they have to reschedule the appointment as their work is engaged with personal appointment. They have high charges for labour alone which does not count the cost of the fixtures and this they will tell you when the work is done not at the quotes they offer. The salesman is a bit liar and will not give straight answers during the estimates. They use slang words during sales and make you feel that the parts they are selling are special even if they are not and that’s how they charge you so much. They will simply waste your so much time first they do not show at the time as decided during the appointment. Do not bother this company until you want to waste your money and time.

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