Gentle Dental at Oregon Avenue

nothing good about the dental service provided here

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I wish I had the ability to give stars that didn’t exist. This place bothers me a lot. I didn’t like dentistry at first, but now it’s another level of fear. I learned through this place that there is a name that says ’wrong place’. There is nothing good about the dental service provided here. Novocain is one thing that doesn’t work for me. They do every pick and drill on me. They give you no other option than to sleep but to breathe through the process.

I had about 8 shots and still enjoyed everything. I am in and after pain. Missing work. I have a technique that does not pay attention to the suction tool placement and is in the middle of my throat. I removed the device from him, sucked me up and informed them that I had to get him out of my room. I reported it to the office manager. Lots of new fillers have dropped recently. He went to fix them. Something went wrong and I ended up with worse trauma than my car accident. Missed 3 days of labour, was unable to eat and could not drink. I felt like I was dying sitting in the wrong place not one or two. Ear pain, nausea, eye pain and jaw pain. On top of that, I had a terrible migraine experience.

I had a hard time dealing with the amount of pain. I somehow developed an infection and put me on antibiotics for 10 days, the hospital informed me. In the meantime, I dragged myself into dealing with severe pain because I was sick and not in a position to work. There have always been 2 pain shots, nausea meds and Vicodin in my life, including infection from dental work. I lost my wages and felt my life was going on. Poor dentistry can lead to heart problems and even worse death. It provides call service after hours. They have the option listed in the phone menu, but it’s not really active. It has been completed twice. If anything happens on the weekend, you are alone. If it’s not a weekend, you’re with this place

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