crown setting multiple visits and they also billed twice

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Went here for a root canal and crown a few months ago and when I left and was asked to pay, I was informed that I was being charged about 100 more due to missed appointments earlier this year.

I did not remember making these appointments, or getting any reminder calls either, nor did I have any reason for an appointment earlier. When I explained to them I had not had any toothaches earlier, I was told they weren’t wrong and I had to pay. Funny how nothing was mentioned about that I owed them charges before I agreed to get the root canal and crown fixed and they had told me how much it would cost.

Now, I have had to go back 3 times to have the new permanent crown put on, because every time I go in, it doesn’t fit properly. However no benefit is extended for me because they can’t get it right for their part, or for my time when I have to keep missing work for revisits for no fault of mine. 4th attempt is next week. We shall see if it is finally right, and then decide if I ever will come back here. Shame, because the first time I used them they were wonderful, but now, not so much. I wonder if the doctor there is aware what the office is doing with charges.

I received a call about my review and was told they would reverse the charges for my missed appointments that I never actually made. However there were charges of 84 dollars for insurance work that had been done a year and a half ago, and they told me that I wasn’t charged for it because they apparently had been fighting for me with the Insurance Co. I asked why this was the first time I heard about the issue? They said that the charges had been valid since January. After a bit of arguing, there was no answer as to why even though I had been here twice since January, but never been given this charge.