George Plumbing Company

beware, the company is pricey.

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George Plumbing Company is the worst plumbing group ever. They will always try to fix things while having baloney with you or their co-workers. They don’t have enough knowledge and will not tell you anything if you ask them the reason for the failure of the parts and if they answer you then not in a respectful manner always aggressive. Their office and plumbers are not efficient. They will send you such Plumbers that even do not know what is wrong after examining the issue and no one will want plumbers like that. If you call them then they will not be on time as you requested them. If you had any problem in heater then first they will fix it and fix it in a manner that you will have to call them again in the same week, after that they will say that the electrician is not available and will send someone who does not know the problem and will fix in a manner that it will draw too much wattage and will fry your breaker box. This increases your electricity bill and their service charges even for their mistakes.

Their most of the crew member is not professional only few are that are kept to show people that they are professionals. They will offer you the quotes that reasonable but after their service, they increase their price so much that no one can afford to for mild services. Another thing is that you will get an appointment but they will not get to you on that day as they promised on the appointment but the next day or maybe after two days. This will waste your precious time and if you have other things to do then they will make sure that you can’t do.

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