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my lashes look worse than when I walked in. It'ss ridiculous, I won’t be returning.

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I have got extensions done a couple of times in the past seven years and did not have to get them removed, but had to remove them this time that I got done from Glimpse this week. It caused a severe reaction with the skin with redness slowly turning to severe swelling, itching, burning and started oozing discharge.

While scheduling my appointment and while I reached there, I very clearly explained that I am sensitive to extensions and they have to be applied two millimeters away from my lash line. When I went to another lash studio to get them removed, they told me while removing the lashes that there was too much glue used and the lashes were glued directly on my lash line, and also multiple lashes were placed on one lash, which is why the reaction was caused. They totally ignored my request and used more than required glue.

My eyes were swollen even after the lashes were removed and it continued to ooze out discharge. It made me look sick for days and I could not attend important meetings. I felt horrible looking at myself in the mirror. My confidence has been shattered and I do not think I can get another extension done anymore. My eyelids felt stuck together because of all the swelling and discharge. Please do not trust them with your instructions. Even if your skin is not sensitive, too much glue is harmful. The negligence of these people surprise me. They did not think about my health condition and bothered to take just the money. I feel cheated. What if it caused me permanent harm? They seem to not have a professional team. They should immediately enhance their customer service or else they have to shut their studio any time soon.

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