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Medical practise is not the same as selling wares in the open market

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Most dentists now have roaring practices because if you go to them with a simple pain in the gums, they will lead you to the root canal. Then there are a whole of sittings which you have to pay for and you land up bearing a large hole in your pocket. There are many such doctors who fail to practise in private and have started marketing in public through Golden Proportions Marketing. You join then to operate as general, specialists and group practices. These are nothing but a group of fraudsters armed with dental degrees. They promote themselves through shoddy marketing companies and claim to share the practise philosophy with the entire community. Its sad to see that marketing gimmicks are used to dupe the public. I mean, if you are a good dentist, people will automatically come to you. Why do you need to use marketing tools. Advertisement has reached such a proportion that even doctors are wanting the need of a strong umbrella that will do their branding. The funniest part is that those who are really good doctors, do not need to join any umbrella that will market them. Word of mouth is so strong that patients line up their chambers. Smart built marketing plans are for consumers and its high time that we stop treating patients as consumers. If dentists start leveraging their brand with professional marketing services, then we stand doomed. So we must tell our friends what a sham this Golden Proportions Marketing is. The group of doctors are basically useless and their private practise is not doing well at all. That’s why, these guys need to advertise themselves well and sugar coat their useless services in order to grab clients. Medical practise is not the same as selling wares in the open market. It is a noble profession and let’s treat it so. We must stop these marketing companies from taking us on a jolly ride !

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