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they cancel appointments without informing..

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So I had the worst experience with Grin Dentistry and I am going to write about all of it. Grin Dentistry really is the worst dentistry out there. So here is what really happens in that wretched place. When you go there, you will be attended and registered and X-rayed. They suggest what treatment is required and needless to say, you are relieved.
But this is what happens next. The first treatment appointment is no less than 6 week after your first one where all they did was look into your problem. But then what can you do except suffer? You did hear a great deal about this place.

So you make all the necessary arrangements and get ready for your 6 weeks late appointment.
6 weeks later you make time in your already busy schedule for the dentist appointment. But once you reach there the receptionist very conveniently will inform you that you don’t even have an appointment on that date and that you are actually a couple of weeks early.

So naturally you keep your cool and try to remind the receptionist how the booking was actually made. Remind them that you actually booked one appointment per month, for the two following months. You remind them how bizarre this new date that they are suggesting is. Because it precludes both the appointment dates and that means that the second date needs to be changed also.

But you might as well have been talking to the wall. Of course your date of appointment is changed and without any explanation whatsoever. It does not matter that this change in the first appointment date completely nullifies the second date so you have no idea when the second appointment is actually going to be.

All in all, there is only one thing that I can possibly tell you t the end of this experience. Stay away from Grin Dentistry.

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