Grote Mitsubishi

company is a fraud and no one should engage with this company ever

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A year ago I was looking for a Sports Utility Vehicle and came across one on the website of Grote Mitsubishi. I called them for the details and the price of the SUV to which they replied that they did not have anything on that vehicle as it was just brought in. This excuse was really absurd. However, I went to their showroom and saw the car for myself. Eventually I bought it but to my surprise, the gear shift turned out to be problematic a month later. The interest rates that they promised to me were also just lies! They even charged me for fixing the problem with the gears. How shameless they were, oh God!
Moreover the finance manager of the company Kris had been to the prison for his commitment of crimes. After they “fixed” the problem with my gears, not for free of course, a month later two of the cylinders in the so-called state-of-the-art engine lost compression totally. The car that I bought with my hard earned money did not last even three whole months. As much as it is making me angry with Grote Mitsubishi, I am also pretty much heart-broken. I invested around twenty-eight thousand US Dollars for this vehicle and it was all put to waste.
I was told that I would be receiving a full refund for my losses but I have not yet received a penny and I believe that I never will if I go by their records. I have gone through the reviews of other customers as well and they are equally unhappy with their customer service which everyone has claimed to be very poor. I genuinely feel that this company is a fraud and no one should engage with this company ever. I still regret buying my first car from them.

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