Guaranty Locksmith

Keep yourself from getting scammed,

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Keep yourself from getting scammed, this place will shamelessly overcharge you, and you are out of luck with you want to talk to the supervisor to complain or find their office, because I couldn’t find either. I got charged $115.00 to have the car unlocked, and it took the technician ONE MINUTE to open it.  When I first called, the operator that answered quoted me for a $10.00 service fee and that the unlock fee starts at $45.00 depending on complexity. He said that the technician was going to call me in a few minutes and the technician did call me about a minute later after I hung up with the operator. When he showed up, he says that it will be $115.00 to open my car, and I agreed because I thought it was going to be a complex lock. However, as I said, it took him ONE MINUTE to open it. The next day, I tried to go to the address shown here and the office is nowhere to be found, at all. I called them again and I said I wanted to speak to a manager, and the guy that answered was the same one that I talked to request the service, but now he was so defensive and unprofessional, saying that they didn’t open the car for me and that he didn’t know who did it, because in the company it’s only him and another person. Therefore, I decided to call the technician directly, and he said that he works for them, and for other companies too, so he didn’t know why this man was acting like that. With this being said, be careful people, THIS COMPANY GIVES YOUR NUMBER TO THIRD PARTY LOCKSMITHS WITHOUT YOUR AUTHORIZATION AND SHAMELESSLY WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER A TERRIBLE SERVICE.

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