Guzman Orthodontics

Bad service and always has trouble with braces.

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I would like to mention that the place has over all rude staff. If an emergency comes up we have no one to call since the place does not have any such facility. I told my husband that we should have looked in more than one orthopedics but my husband took the first one that came up on the search. I’m done with them on this, after this I will not be coming back here. I will be looking for some other place that is actually open more than 3 days a week and that actually has an emergency service to contact if an emergency comes up, since this place does not have any one to call in case of an emergency.

I would not recommend this place to anyone with an emergency. I am sharing here my experience with them. Not very long back, here we have had our daughter’s braces come off not once not twice but four times and due to the fact that the person who had tighten the braces did not tighten them enough and because of which they popped off within an hour of our visit to the place and when we told them each time, they always tried to say “well you must be doing something……and that’s the reason the braces came off”.

No, it wasn’t that my daughter usually comes out of here and before going back home we go elsewhere for munch or a drink. No, we go home right away. We don’t get nothing to eat and we rest her mouth and then if she feels better then she gets something to eat or she drinks liquids. They tried to put the blame on us squarely and refused to accept their fault. Overall, I would not recommend you bring your child here.

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