Hair and Rush Unisex Salon and Spa

Worst experience. Please avoid visiting this place. Very rude staff

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One day I decided that I will get my hair done from this Salon as I had to attend the marriage on the same day. I had already googled the reviews of the salon and found out that most of the people have written positive reviews and have given not less than 5-Stars, or either they might have deleted the ones with less than 5-stars. I have this thought that they might have got the negative reviews deleted because my experience with them was not good enough. As soon as I had booked the appointment for the afternoon slot. I got there on time and I went to the receptionist and told her that I have got my appointment booked. The receptionist sounded very rude as she checked and bluntly said that “Sorry , but there is no appointment booked under your name” you will have to pay certain amount and get the appointment right here. So, because of the time constraints I decided to pay and get my appointment booked. After waiting for an hour or so I got to know that they don’t even have a professional hair dresser in their Salon. The reviews online said that they are famous for offering their exemplary services which is a white lie. I was so pissed off with the kind of treatment they offered they don’t even have a proper staff to deal with the problems that their clients face. It was definitely my mistake that chose to stay there and re-booked the appointment with them just to get my-self indulged with such kind of in-humane behaviour. There was a lot of blabber about their services and so-called sophisticated and committed staff. One should not go to this Salon just by checking their reviews because they are sugar coated and no where close to what the reality is. I just wanted to share my personal experience so that people don’t fall for their trap and should definitely avoid going to this Salon even in the worst of the cases.

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