Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City

Sales department is terrible

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Hall Hyundai Elizabeth City is a complete scam!! You can’t trust this company. The very word they speak is a lie from the inquiry point to the payment point. Every single word spoken by them is a lie. I don’t know why this company has this much high ratings. I didn’t find it enough worthy to make any deals with them. It despite being a very popular and flourishing car dealing company in the market has the worst ever services. They won’t treat you as well. Most of the time, they pretend to be highly busy but in reality, they aren’t. They have ample time to waste in gossiping, laughing and sitting idle but when it comes to giving their services they would act weirdly. They would neither behave properly with you nor would provide services as expected. Visiting this place was the biggest mistake of my life. I had a very disappointing experience here.

However, I finally decided to purchase one car. But the worst thing on their part was when the salesman quoted me a different price before I had selected the car for purchase but later on, they suddenly rose the price. I asked them about the reason. So, they said that the salesman was new so he wasn’t well knowledge about the prices. What a useless statement. They were trying to be-fool me. What an unconvincing statement it was! However, for a moment I accepted the price but when I asked them about the discounts, they clearly refused to provide it. How pathetic! They had advertised this in their advertisement but then they were pretending as if they weren’t aware of it. When I was about to leave, they started misbehaving me. I had never felt that much disrespected ever.

I would never recommend this company. They are liars. It’s better if you would visit any other dealership because this company is not going to provide you anything other than poor customer services. Don’t waste your time and money here

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