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They just attract the money and have no sense of service.

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It was the day of Monday and I was working in my office. I was in a meeting and was having a cold coffee that suddenly I felt a painful sensation in my tooth. I anyhow winded up the meeting and called my assistant to search for a good dentist near by. She gave me the list of the nearby dental clinics and Hanley Family Dentistry was the most easily reachable place for me. So I called them to book an immediate appointment since I had another meeting after two hours. As I called, the receptionist didn’t talk to me properly and actually she miss behaved. It was really very disturbing to hear such bad language when you are into your professional life. Anyhow she booked my appointment and I maintained my patience.

After half an hour when I reached there, the doctor was not present. I waited for another twenty minutes for the doctor and finally he came. As soon as he came, he didn’t even apologized for the delay and asked me to come to his cabin. I went inside and shared my problem. He didn’t pay much attention to it and took me to the surgery area. He was continuously busy in his call while attending me. This was really very upsetting. It shows the irresponsibility of the doctor and the management too. He started my treatment but the way he was using his tools was making me uncomfortable since it was really very unprofessional. He even gave me a wrong injection in a hurry.

This was really very disappointing. I would never suggest anyone to go to them for their treatment even in an emergency. They are very irresponsible and don’t even know the ethics of their profession. They just attract the money and have no sense of service.

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