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not friendly and give half suggestions to patients... Horrible

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It was my second visit to Hart Orthodontics the last week. I had to request them for appointment in the noon as I don’t want my daughter to miss her school as they usually schedule appointments in the morning. I had to drive for nearly two hours to reach there. Upon reaching the office, I got to know that the doctor was not available as he had to see someone in the emergency unit. The staffs at the office were so careless that they didn’t even inform us that the doctor would remain busy at my appointment time. My daughter and I had to wait for nearly more than an hour to see the doctor.
Once the doctor was in the office, I saw the staff got working. One of the staff members approached us to ask the concern and so, I explained the difficulty and pain my daughter is facing due to braces which were fixed in the previous office visit. The lady started providing us the suggestions upon how to clean the braces and how to brush the teeth while wearing the braces. I thought this piece of information would have been helpful if already given in our first visit.
When we went to see the doctor, he inspected the teeth of my daughter and found a cavity in it. He gave the list of food which my daughter should avoid from now on and advised on cleaning the braces. I wonder if I might know in advance these things would not have happened. The doctor and team do not explain anything in detail in the first place and cause the patients to suffer and later on provide them a handful of suggestions and advice.
My daughter’s experience was not good and friendly with the doctor as well as staff members of Hart Orthodontics. Hence, I would not like to recommend it to anybody as my daughter suffered because of them.

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