Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage

awful services which caused me severe pain

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Due to severe pain in my lower part of leg from last couple of weeks. After consulting number of doctors, I got to know that my sciatica due to heavy exercise and not being able to be treated well along with no progress in my pain I go through my neighbour’s advice to went heeling sole barefoot massage therapist. I sent them innumerable mails but they did not respond and eventually on a weekend I got a call from them. They prearrange my appointment on Monday at 9 am due to which I had to take a leave.

As I went there initially, I was not assisted by anyone but after being sweat it out for an hour Jeni came to me. Then I was asked to made the payment first while even after that i had to hold back for another one hour. Ultimately, I was called but the furniture of the massage centre is worse and unbearable. Jessica was helping me out and also massaging me but it did not really make any impact on my pain even after massage it get worsen. The staff was also rude and was reckless. Even Jessica and other members were completing their work in great hurry scurry that I did feel comfortable with their massage neither the exerted pressure was not right. After massage as I stood up, I felt distressing pain in my leg and was not able to walk. Though they did not take charge of cause of my pain rather they were withstanding to their awful services which cause severe pain even due to which I had to spend hard cash to get better treatment of sciatica. For the massage centre money is cynosure for which they shut their eyes in regard to the health of their customers.

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