Herb Connolly Hyundai

Stay away from the Herb Connolly Dealerships.

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I wanted to repair my Hyundai SUV from couple of days but did not found any good repairer than I got to know about this company from my friend. I fixed an appointment soon as I wanted to call on to Paris. As I pay a visit to the company, they asked me to wait for a hour or two as they were busy in some other work which seems having fun in office as they were doing nothing except sitting and chanting than finally Mr. Bill came and assist me.

He took all my instructions along with this he inspect my car and asked me to come on Monday (as it was Friday). I went there on Monday but they were closed (though I inform them it is an emergency and I need my car soon). I called them numerous times but they did not respond and eventually they called me next day and asked me to come. As I went there what I saw is that those blockheads did not even touched my car.

On investigation they made hobbling excuses which were completely groundless. They gave me word of honor that they would fix my car in couple of hours and made me wait there but even after that they were not able to complete even half of their work and when asked to do it quickly they gave me rude clapback even Mr. Bill was defensive rather than looking after the words or behaviour of his staff. Ultimately, they settled my car but I had to face problem while making payments as they refuse to accept credit card than I finally made payment in cash (by borrowing money).

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