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Worst experience ever! The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

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I took my car to Heritage Hyundai for first servicing of my very first car. I had filled a form online for service and taken appointment for 10 am. I reached the showroom sharp on time and approached the reception desk. I mentioned about my appointment for service of my vehicle to the person behind the desk. She just glanced towards my vehicle and me and asked for the purpose of the visit. I had to remind about my appointment. She said that she received the mail but has not gone through it yet. She asked me whether any other work was to be done on the vehicle. I mentioned I didn’t know about it all as I had brought the vehicle for first free service. She called a technician and handed over my vehicle key to him. He took me to the vehicle and after inspecting the vehicle said that the wheels need rotation and brake cable needs to be changed. I was not aware of these and had thought free service would be done and nothing else. Though I had sent a mail and booked appointment, neither any advice nor any acknowledgement was given. I contacted the manager and asked for clarification. He mentioned that though the service is free all other works are charged. To my questioning whether these works are required on a new car that too on a first-time service, he insisted on getting it done. I had to leave the service station since I was not prepared for the additional expenses except for engine oil change or some petty issues.

I had to take another appointment for next day morning. Though I reached at the fixed time, I had to wait till 2.00 pm. Cable change, wheel rotation, engine oil change and many other petty issues were attended. A bill of huge amount was raised. Before leaving I enquired whether all replacements and service was carried out thoroughly. The service bay head confirmed after inspecting the vehicle.

On the way home I found front brake was giving some whistling sound and it was very loud. Wheels were wobbling. I stopped the vehicle on the way and called the service station. It took almost 20 minutes to get a decent response. They asked me to drive back to service station for checking the problems but another day since the technicians had already left for the day. With great difficulty I drove home. Next day after managing half day off from my work I drove to the service station again. There was a lot of rush. When finally, they were free enough to attend, they inspected the vehicle and told me that the whistling sound was due to the brake shoe, which needs to be replaced. They had not tightened the screws of the wheels properly and hence the wobbling of wheels. They were not sorry for the mistake on their part, and their approach was as if such things happen all the time. Too bad an experience for a first-time service. Will never go to Heritage Hyundai Towson for any services.

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