Hildebrand Family Dental Care, P. A.

chose one star because there was not an option for no stars at all. Never going back!

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From previous weeks I was suffering from mouth sores. I thought they would be fine in some days but I did not feel any ease. I came across this hospital and pay a call to the hospital to fix my appointment. As I went their front assistant did not greet me not even, I was informed about my meeting with doctor not only this I had to wait for a hour before finally met with the doctor. Eventually I was called in and as I went Dr. Diaz examine me but did not ask me anything about symptoms or problems I was suffering from.

Dr. Diaz was not vigilant but more shielding himself when I asked some of question to him even, he was ignoring my questions. He gave me some of medicine but those are of no help as it did not make any difference in my condition even it got worse as I start feeling irritation right after taking those medicines. I called the hospital varied times but they did not respond and I had to made another visit there. Surprisingly, they did not have any information about me and doctor had to examine me again.

After examination I was told that these mouth sores are symptoms of some Crohn’s disease which was rare and is difficult to cure by any procedure. Therefore, I was asked to start the treatment soon but they refused to accept my insurance plan due to which I face many problems. I went through procedure but still did not get it cure even felt more inflammation than before ultimately, I had to visit another doctor who told me that this is just mouth sores and can be treated by eating ice chips and some medicines. It was completely waste of money as well as time as the only focus of the hospital is to earn money simply by misguiding me or maybe other people as patients are more like customers to them.

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