Holistique Naturopathic Medicinal Center

Does not inspire confidence in their services.

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Since now there is a lot of stress on natural living, we decided to go for natural treatment when my father started having age related issues. He had always hated medicines and had never wanted to go to doctors, always trying to hide his condition pretending it would go away if he just rested enough. Hence, when we told him this was something different, he reluctantly gave in and after the experience he had, I am sure we have put him off doctors for good. The first couple of weeks were fine, when the checkups were being conducted. We drove all the way to 1200 116th Ave NE Suite C in Bellevue from the suburb where we lived and the doctors and nurses were caring, asking my father whether he needed anything. The people were friendly and the ambience was very good. The problem started when he was given some solution to drink as a part of his holistic treatment. The solution was made from natural herbs and roots we were told, which were completely organic and was going to help him with age related conditions like joint pain and fatigue. My father threw up his food after about two hours of taking the solution. We thought that procedure was new and it was probably not agreeing with him and the doctors there said the same and gave him another solution to drink. This time around, he started complaining of stomach ache and he lost all appetite. We were really at our wit’s end and my father was already trying to get out of the place. We somehow managed to contact our family physician and took my father straight to him. A few rounds of stomach cleansers brought him back to his feet and he is now adamant he is never visiting any kind of doctor ever again, unless he is dying!

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