If you value your money and patience do not go for this worst company

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Trusting Jim, their managing director and his countless successful projects, I had opted for this group of realtors to find me a house. But they are the biggest scammers in this town. I was looking for a property near Franklin Road in Indianapolis so I contacted them. A woman took me to only three properties and refused to show me elsewhere. They did not have that many options. I was looking for a 3BHK flat but they only showed me 2BHK flats. This was quite frustrating, When I had decided on a flat, they asked me for a cash deposit. I agreed to pay. She took the money and told me she would contact me tomorrow. Three days passed and I frantically looked for her and my money. They had not given me any bill or paper documents that they had taken my money. It was based on that woman’s word. Three days later, I caught her outside the office and demanded an explanation. She gave a very weird excuse of being out of town. I asked about my money and she told me that she would check it and give me a reply later. I could sense something fishy so I threatened her that I would call the police on her if she did not return my money. She backed out and told that the documents were ready and if I would sign them. What a change of attitude as soon as I spoke about the police!!!! I took the documents and cross verified them with another company. They told me everything was fine. I had a very nerve wracking three days thinking of my cash deposit. Had I not called the police, probably I would have been ripped off!! If you value your money and patience do not go for this worst company

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