Horace Hyundai

car dealing company with the worst ever services

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Horace Hyundai is basically a car dealing company with the worst ever services. You can’t get anything here other than big promises, false claims, and expensive price. They are cheaters. In the beginning, they would lie to you either by offering you low price services or heavy discounts and rebates but later would completely refuse to provide it. They would act innocent. The worst thing about the company is its workers. From top to bottom level barely you would find a calm and polite person. Everybody here is so rude and stubborn. For them, their pride and arrogance are at the top.

I went to the company in order to get the engine in my car changed. But that was the biggest mistake of my life. I regret this even today. I went to the receptionist in order to inquire about the company like its policies, prices, discounts, and other available offers. But that lady was so rude. She didn’t even mind me. She was kinda dump as well. I would have repeated my words three to four times but not even a single time she got it. Horrible!! She had no answer to any of my questions. She was so confused. I imagine, how could they recruit her? She was good at nothing. Later, I went to the service department but another amazing point was they were all sitting idle and gossiping with each other. The moment I was about to explain to them everything, one of the guys asked me to wait for a while as they were busy. How pathetic!! I would have never felt that much disrespected ever. Then, after a while, they called me and asked me to explain my problem to them. I told them everything and they told me that they hadn’t new engine right then but they would order it and fix it within three to four days and then would inform me about the same. I was okay with it and left the same. Two weeks had passed and I got no information. So, I decided to visit the place again and I was shocked that they hadn’t fixed up the engine yet. They didn’t even apologize to me. I was about to leave the place but then one of their senior staff approached me and assured me that they would fix it up within another two days. Though he tried a lot to convince me but not even a single time he apologized for their bad services. I said okay and again left the place but this time too, I had received no call from them. Another week had passed, and yet no response from them. So, I visited the place one more time and this time too, nothing was done. Damn!! Nothing can be worse than that. I took my car there and left the place. Later, I went to another place and I get it repaired within three hours.

I would never recommend this company. Don’t even dare to visit this company, you would just waste your time and money here.

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