Hydrostar Carpet Cleaning

would never recommend anyone to hire their services.

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It was Sunday and I was on a holiday. I wanted to spend some time with my wife and children but I couldn’t since my wife was too much busy in cleaning the carpets and the whole house as well. It was really very upsetting for me to see her working so hard for the better look of house. Therefore, I decided to hire a good company for the cleaning of the house and to surprise my wife. And in result of my this thought I started looking over for a great company. While buffering over search engine I saw the website of Hydrostar carpet cleaning company. Their website seemed to be very attractive and promising which assured me for the great work. So without wasting any time I called them and hired them.

In the result of this, I took my wife and children our and left my home on their responsibility. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good service which I expected. The home was in pathetic condition and they didn’t maintain any hygiene while working. They even broken some of the decorative items of my home and furniture was also in a bad condition.

I never had such a worst experience ever in my life from any company. Later I even got to know from one of my colleague that they pay money to get good reviews and soon I realized that they are just fake and make false promises to attract customers and to trap their money. They really spoiled my holiday and also my wife hot very much angry with me. I would never recommend anyone to hire their services. They are not worth it. I am really very disappointed. Later my wife even told me that few of the kitchen essentials are also missing and when I called their manager to complain, he just denied of his duty and didn’t take any responsibility.

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