Hyundai of Metairie

These people will scam you any way they can.

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I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.  I brought my car (2015 genesis g80) in for service on Nov 26, I had a 10:30 apt I arrived at 10:15 and didn’t leave until 1:30.  The whole time I was there not one person came to let me know the status of my vehicle.  I brought my vehicle in to have regular maintenance and also because my mirror was making sounds.  Once the service person did come to get me it was to say my car was finish but the mirror isn’t covered under warranty because it looked like physical damage.  How does the motor going out on the mirror have anything to do with physical damage I have no idea (no one could explain that to me) After talking to the service manager he stated that mirror was cracked (which it wasn’t) and that’s why it’s not covered? After explaining to him that I purchased the car from them like that he then says well you’ve had the car for 13 months why you never brought it in. I asked him if it was a problem why wasn’t it fix when he claimed they inspect all vehicles before the vehicles are sold(lies). I said it wasn’t making a sound 13 months ago it just started 2 days ago. He then says well you need to talk to your salesperson I said he no longer works here. He then says well I don’t know what to tell you.  So, I asked to speak to the GM before I could tell my side of the story the sales manager already talked him so at this point the general manager really doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, but he goes along with it for a show. After telling him what the problem was the GM tries to tell me well maybe someone hit the mirror and caused the motor to stop working, I then said how when my mirrors close when you lock the doors. The GM said no they don’t I said yes they do he says so you lock your doors all the time I said yes(how you don’t know what your vehicles can and can’t do) So he then tries to give me all these BS answers and reasons to what could have happened. I just feel like because I was a woman, they tried to talk to me like I don’t know better and tried to down play the situation.  I WILL NEVER go back to this dealership EVER AGAIN. If I could give 0 stars I would I will be posting this on every social media website and reviews I can. To think I was going to purchase a G80 sport these people their lost.

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